Here is a sneak peek of the next barn we will be taking down in Galena, IL. This barn needs to come down due to structural concerns. But the materials are beautiful and we will be saving as much as we can from this one!

We recently salvaged materials from the old Pillsbury Mills Plant in Springfield, IL! This former factory first opened in 1929. There was so much history here! We are proud to be saving part of this historic factory!

Here are some pictures of our adventures at the factory and some of the wood that we salvaged!

Lots of new inventory just arrived! 

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Green vintage teak cabinet with glass doors
30 inch high metal stool with wood seat
Hanging Fixture with twelve Cubby Holes
Leaf and flower pattern bowl with mushrooms in the background and some other items

Exotic Hardwood Slabs have arrived from Costa Rica!

We have a variety of sizes and species available.

Perfect for a River Table, Custom Bar, or Countertop! 

Exotic hardwood Slab of Wood
Custom Slab of wood
Slab of wood

We just salvaged another barn in Galena, IL 

We brought a lot of great material back from this one! 

Galena Barn Before Destruction
Galena Barn Structure and Foundation
Galena Barn Interior
Barn Frame Structure in Galena Illinois

Wine Barrels are here! We had a load of wine barrels delivered!

Come pick out the perfect one! 

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Cement Horse Head
Redwood planking
Galena White Oak Barn beams
Antique fire extinguisher from Elkhart Brass Manufacturing company

We salvaged a barn in Galena, IL!  It was full of old growth Oak, Walnut, & Pine!

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