Our Story

It all started back in 2013… owner, Andy Michaelis, was a carpenter by trade. He started working with reclaimed wood to complete custom projects and he couldn’t find a local supplier. He had a crazy idea to go take down a barn to get his own wood, and the rest is history!  With a lot of hard work, big dreams, and faith and trust in God, All American Reclaim was born!

Michaelis and his crew began taking down barns and old buildings and salvaging as much as possible! When All American Reclaim first opened it was in a small 400 Sq. Ft. space. It has grown and expanded several times and is now located on Route 14 in Lake Barrington, IL with over 20,000 Sq. Ft. of indoor space! It has become the leading supplier of reclaimed wood and salvaged products in the Midwest!

Andy WIth Barn 1

All American Reclaim specializes in supplying reclaimed lumber and salvaged materials. We like people to think about visiting our shop as an experience, definitely a unique one! People walk into our shop with one project in mind and leave with ten projects that they want to do! You can come into our shop and buy a small piece of barnwood for a sign or buy a whole truckload of wood for a job! We also have a huge selection of salvaged materials, antiques, and even new products that fit the part!

Whether you are looking for shiplap for a wall, a beam for a mantel, a live edge slab for your bar, or unique home décor, we have it for you! We also carry a large selection of hardware, industrial salvage, windows, doors, custom furniture, epoxy & finishing products, and so much more!!

Shop our online store and browse our website for a sample of our available products! And for the best selection come visit us and see our current inventory!

We are OPEN Monday-Saturday in lake Barrington, IL

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All American Reclaim Team

What We Do

Our company continues to salvage old barns and building that need to be taken down due structural damage and safety concerns. We believe in reusing these materials that would otherwise be destroyed or put into a landfill. We preserve as much of the Barn Wood and Reclaimed Materials as possible to bring back to our shop! Our Reclaimed Lumber is available to purchase by the piece or by the truckload! And if we don’t have what you need, we will try to find it for you.

Inside of Shop

Looking for Custom Furniture?? You can come into our shop and choose your materials and meet with one of our experienced carpenters to create your own piece of custom reclaimed furniture.  If you have questions or would like to request a quote, please contact us by e-mail HERE. Please include as much detail as possible on what you are looking for and a member of our team will get back to you.

Custom Slab River Table

Our Reclaimed Lumber

The old growth lumber that we salvage is so desirable because it is unlike any lumber that you see in stores today.  It grew in a time when there was no pollution, and it had the opportunity to grow to full maturity unlike the lumber of today that is grown to be harvested. Reclaimed Lumber is harder, straighter, and longer than new lumber.  It has character that only mother nature can create! Many have tried to reproduce the look of old wood, but nothing compares!

Reclaimed Wood

We carry a huge selection of Reclaimed Lumber in-stock! Come visit our shop today to pick out one of your own pieces of American History!