We have thousands of Reclaimed BEAMS in stock! You can find that perfect mantel to complete your fireplace, use a beam as a shelf, or install it on the ceiling as a structural beam. These beams come from old barns & factories, or are slabbed right from trees!

We carry both Hand Hewn and Rough Sawn Beams.

The HAND-HEWN BEAMS have the most visual character and are typically the oldest. When the early farmer wanted to build his barn, he went to his property and found the straightest trees and he would cut them down and cut them straight with his axe. This gave the beam a choppy look and a ton of character!

The ROUGH-SAWN BEAMS came later when sawmills became more accessible. These beams have circle saw marks from the large blades of the mills.

Come in and find the perfect reclaimed beam for your home or business!