Naily Roof Boards play a crucial role in the construction of barn roofs, serving as the sturdy foundation upon which the shingles are installed. These boards are made of the same wood that is used as the siding and sometimes the flooring of the barns.

One of the main distinguishing features of Naily Roof Boards is their rustic and distinctive appearance. Over time, these boards acquire a wealth of character, with numerous nail holes and occasionally even the remnants of visible nail heads. These imperfections are a testament to the history and longevity of the structure, showcasing the many years of wear and tear endured by the barn.

How to Treat Naily Roof Boards

Naily roof board has a dark appearance that can be left as is or cleaned up. It can be brushed with a wire brush or power washed, at a low setting, for a cleaner look. After washing the boards allow them to dry completely  before use.

Next, consider applying a water based or oil based wood sealer which will help protect the boards. Our favorite is a clear oil based sealer that will really bring out the colors and beauty of the boards. These products not only add a protective layer but also bring out the unique character of the wood, accentuating the nail holes and visible nail heads. Before applying the finish, ensure the boards are clean and dry. Use a brush or a roller to evenly coat the surface, following the instructions provided by the product manufacturer.

Where to buy Naily Roof Boards

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