We take pride in offering high-quality reclaimed Railcar Flooring, also known as Boxcar Flooring, which has become increasingly popular due to its unique and distinct characteristics. The process of salvaging Railcar Flooring involves carefully removing the planks from old train cars, numbering them, and ensuring that they can be put back together in the same way they were originally laid.

Our Railcar planks are made up of Maple or Oak strips and are built butcher-block style, which adds to their durability and longevity. Each plank is filled with character and rich history, making them a sought-after choice for those looking to add vintage charm to a space.

What is a good use for reclaimed railroad boxcar flooring?

Railroad boxcar flooring is considered to be of good quality due to its durability and strength. The planks are typically made from hardwoods such as Maple or Oak, which are known for their strength and resistance to wear and tear. Railcar flooring makes great counter tops and table tops. It is also great for shelving along with many other projects.

Where to purchase boxcar flooring?

If you’re looking to purchase boxcar flooring we are a reputable supplier that specializes in reclaimed building materials, including railroad boxcar flooring. At All American Reclaim, we offer a wide selection of high-quality boxcar flooring options that are sourced from old train cars and carefully salvaged to ensure they are in good condition.

We take pride in their commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility by repurposing old materials and giving them new life for modern construction and design projects.