We carry a large selection of BARN WOOD BEAMS! They come in dimensions from 4″x4″ to 16″x16″ and every size in between. We have a variety of species like Pine, Red Oak, White Oak, Walnut, Elm, Douglas Fir, and many more!

Most beams are either HAND HEWN or ROUGH SAWN.

The HAND-HEWN BEAMS have the most visual character and are typically the oldest. When the early farmer wanted to build his barn he went to his property and found the straightest trees and he would cut them down and cut them straight with his axe. This gave the beam a choppy look and a ton of character!

The ROUGH-SAWN BEAMS came later when saw mills became more accessible. These beams have the circle saw marks from the large blades on the mills.

We also offer custom wrapped beams – to give the look of a solid beam.

Any of these beams would make a great mantel for your fireplace or as an added piece of rustic decor for your home!