Reclaimed “Guest House Inn” Hand Painted Sign



We recently took down a barn in Manitowoc, Wisconsin and during the teardown process noticed an unusual plywood used to patch the flooring.  We carefully pulled it up and revealed a beautifully hand-painted vintage sign with “Guest House Inn” written out in red paint with grey accents on the letters.  To our surprise it was in great shape having spent a portion of its life holding up livestock!!

After some research, turns out this sign came from an Inn and coffee shop owned by the Marcus Corporation, built in Manitowoc in the early 1960’s on the corner of Washington and 9th streets boasting 53 luxurious rooms with a “Big Boy” coffee shop attached.  The Inn shuttered it doors in 1998 but the sign that stood in front of the building welcoming its guests remained intact.

The sign is in 4 pieces when put together it measures 8 ft. by 8 ft.. Each piece is a slightly different size and the bottom of the sign has a slight curve to it.  Paint is mostly intact, some chipping and cracking but in beautiful shape.

Shipping available