Million Mile Oak Cargo Flooring – 5 foot



Cargo Flooring, also known as Million Mile Oak, comes from the shipping containers that travel across the U.S. on freight cars. Once the containers have traveled 1 million miles the cars get decommissioned and cut up. The steel walls are recycled and we get the cargo flooring. The boards are mostly made up of a mix of white oak and red oak and measure about 1 1/8” – 1 1/4” thick by 12” wide. They have bolt holes and scratches and burn marks and a ton of character from the many years of shipping and use!

This is for a 5 foot piece of Cargo Flooring.

**Cargo Floor Pieces come in raw form and are unfinished.  Some of the images of the product are what it could look like when finished using a variety of techniques**  More images of finished product available on our Instagram