Chill Ice 1 Epoxy 1.5L



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This is for one 1.5l kit.

CHILL ICE #1 is a low viscosity clear epoxy resin to be cast in a thick layer. The CHILL ICE #1 offers high resistance to ultraviolet rays. The CHILL ICE #1 is ideal for small/medium size projects between 0.5″ and 1.25″ thick up to 60L. This is a perfect formula to cast river in wooden tables.

The very low viscosity of this system allows bubbles to pop up naturally at the surface, and disappear completely after only 5-10 minutes. CHILL ICE #1 is sold as a two-component kit: a resin (part A) and a hardener (part B). We always advise you to try out the product on a sample to become familiar with the resin and better anticipate the result of your project.

CHILL ICE #1 pot life is 500 min at 20-22C/68-72F on a mass of 200 grams. If the mass or temperature is higher than recommended, the pot life and curing time will be affected. CHILL EPOXY is formulated with premium raw materials which bring up many advantages compared to all other similar products on the market: Very low viscosity no need to heat the material up before using it. Low viscosity allowing material to penetrate cracks/voids and avoid trapping air.

Crystal clear material. Food Safe for Charcuterie Boards & Cutting Boards No need for fans to keep the exotherm low. No need of a torch to break the surface tension and get rid of bubbles. No need to let the epoxy rest before using it. No shrinkage, waves or cracks when curing