Chill Epoxy – 3D (2 liters)



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Chill Epoxy – 3D (2 liters) – The CHILL 3D™ is an easy of 1-1 ratio in volume that was initially designed for artists or for countertop designs. This epoxy solution because of its slightly higher viscosity will allow you to created 3D effect on canvases, wooden surface or different artistic pieces.

It is commonly used for thin layers over charcuterie boards and use to create lace effects or beach scenes using different colors.  With its Pot life of 60 minutes at  72°F, you will have plenty of time to mix and create your next masterpiece.

CHILL 3D™ is a 100% reactive Epoxy System with medium viscosity and high ultraviolet resistance.

The CHILL 3D™ allows to give depth and brilliance to your artistic canvas, countertop or other substrates such as concrete, wood, metals among others. The CHILL 3D™ is the ideal product for thinner layers and can be poured up to 0.5 inch thick. Its thixotropic characteristics makes it possible to stabilize the pigments and avoid a separation in the casting.

Its pot life of 60 mins at 22C/72F also allows fast handling time, depending on the density and design of the piece.

  • Best for 3-D crafts, jewelry, “dome” effect, sealing art/photos, etc.
  • High viscosity. One of the thickest resin options.
  • Setting time of 24-36 hours
  • Self-rising/Bubble-free technology
  • True-Zero VOC/Food Grade 
  • Pot life of 1 hour
  • 2-component kit (1A/1B)