Chill Epoxy – Clear



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Chill Epoxy – Clear is commonly used in live edge woodworking as a protective topcoat for bars, countertops, and vanities. Works great as a wood sealer for a large resin pour and filling CNC laser cuts. CHILL CLEAR is a transparent casting resin, with optical clarity, that offers excellent resistance to ultraviolet rays. With its low viscosity, you can pour up to ½ inch thick layers at a time. It is the perfect formula to be applied on paintings.

It will help you create resin jewelry and crafts. It can be used to protect wooden tabletops or countertops, led and electronic components. CHILL CLEAR is also an ideal sealer to be applied on a surface before casting large quantity of epoxy resin. Chill Clear is sold as a two-component kit: a resin (part A) and a hardener (part B). This epoxy resin can be applied on different surfaces: canvas, stone, wood. It is always recommended to perform a preliminary test to become familiar with the resin and better anticipate the result of your project.

CHILL EPOXY is formulated with premium raw materials which bring up many advantages compared to all other similar products on the market: Very low viscosity no need to heat the material up before using it. Low viscosity allowing material to penetrate cracks/voids and avoid trapping air. Crystal clear material. Food Safe for Charcuterie Boards & Cutting Boards No need for fans to keep the exotherm low. No need of a torch to break the surface tension and get rid of bubbles. No need to let the epoxy rest before using it. No shrinkage, waves or cracks when curing

  • Best for filling, topcoat, bar tops, and resin crafts/jewelry,
  • Ideal for pours up to 0.5 inch thick at a time
  • Self-rising, Bubble-free technology, True-Zero VOC, Food Grade
  • 2-component kit with 2A/1B mixing ratio
  • Pot life 1 hour / Setting time 24-36 hours at 72°F