Here is a different version of the Cargo Flooring we carry, also known as New Mile Oak. This product was made for  the shipping containers that travel across the U.S. on freight cars. Normally the boards would be installed as flooring in shipping containers but we got our hands on the “New Old Stock” meaning it was made but never installed in the shipping containers. The boards are mostly made up of a mix of white oak and red oak and measure about 1 1/8” – 1 1/4” thick by 12” wide. They have no holes or scratches unlike their Million Mile Oak counterparts.  They have a beautiful natural wood tone and are glued together similar to butcher block.

**Cargo Floor Pieces come in raw form and are unfinished.  Some of the images of the product are what it could look like when finished using a variety of techniques**

Delivery/Shipping available for 10′ boards, please call, e-mail or come in for shipping rate inquiries.